Learn the Becoming Mama Acupressure Protocols for supporting IUI / IVF success

In this video series, you’ll learn proven, researched acupuncture protocols for supporting each step of the IUI and IVF process... and how to harness their power with the use of acupressure.

What you get

  • 1

    Self-Acupressure to Support IUI & IVF

    • How Acupressure Works

    • Acupressure protocol for during IUI stim

    • Acupressure protocol for before IUI

    • Acupressure protocol for after IUI

    • Acupressure protocol for IVF - before stim

    • Acupressure protocol for IVF - during stim

    • Acupressure protocol for IVF - between retrieval and transfer

    • Acupressure protocol for IVF - before transfer

    • Acupressure protocol for IVF - after transfer

    • Cheatsheet: Acupressure protocols for each phase of IUI & IVF

    • Acupressure to Support Pregnancy

    • Cheatsheet: Acupressure to Support Pregnancy

    • Next steps

Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Women's Holistic Health Expert, Fertility Specialist

Katie Altneu L.Ac. MSOM FABORM

Katie is an acupuncturist and ABORM certified women’s health and fertility expert, the founder of The Point Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine, and the creator of the Becoming Mama program. She helps clients worldwide get pregnant through her online fertility programs, one-on-one fertility coaching, and in-person in her Denver clinic. She's here to guide you in how to improve your fertility so you can get pregnant faster, have a healthy full-term pregnancy, and vibrant and healthy baby. And to do it in an evidence-based, effective, enjoyable, empowered way, which is so important.

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